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Eva & Adam Central

Fun Facts


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1. 9 of the cast members of both the tv series and film combined, were born in February.

2. Rosanna Munter who played, "Petra " in the film, is now in the Swedish Pop Group, Play and is better known as Rosie. Her full name is Rosanna Bella Victoria Eriksdotter Munter.

*(as of October 2005, the group has since separated and they're all solo)

3. Sometimes you'll see Rebecka Liljeberg's first name spelt, Rebecca. She sometimes even signs it that way too!

4. Rebecka is currently married (her husband's name is Alexander) with 2 children ((Harry) Theodor, 4 and Vera, 11 months) and is studying to be a Children's doctor.

5. Ulrika has been taking Organ lessons since she was 9 years old. She can play the Electrone Organ and the standard Pipe Organ.


This is just a fansite. We have no connection to the show, movie, cast, crew or anyone else relating to "Eva & Adam". None of us are Rosie Munter of Play and the movie.