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Eva & Adam Central

Love Songs


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We decided to make a page that lists different love songs that show Eva & Adam's love. If you know of any songs that you think should be added to this list, please email them to us at and we'll add them and credit you. We'll also add a link to the lyrics. If the song title is in pink, it means it's been used in a montage.

Rosie and Rosanna's Picks

Together Forever- Rick Astley

Hand in Hand- Play

Hopelessly Devoted to You- Play

To Live and to Die For- Play

Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You- Glenn Mediros

Two Hearts- Phil Collins- New

You- S Club 7- New

My Everything- 98 Degrees- New

The Rest Is History- New

This is just a fansite. We have no connection to the show, movie, cast, crew or anyone else relating to "Eva & Adam". None of us are Rosie Munter of Play and the movie.