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Eva & Adam Central

Cast (the movie) and Summaries


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Cast for the Movie, "Eva & Adam: Four Birthday's and a Fiasco"


Ellen Fjæstad


Carl-Robert Holmer-Kårell


Ulrika Bergman


Pablo Martinez


Rosanna Munter


Tove Edfeldt


Anders Habenicht

Evas mamma

Anki Larsson

Evas pappa

Douglas Johansson


Erik Johansson


Alvin Nyström

Adams mamma

Maria af Malmborg

Adams pappa

Pontus Gustafsson

Annikas mamma

Carina M. Johansson


Per Holmberg


Ny Edfeldt


Carl Wachtmeister


Stefan Sundström


Jim Ramel/Kjellgren


Frerik af Trampe


Viktor Sandberg

Klasses tjej

Emma Engström


Staffan Westerberg


Eva Dahlman


Ulla-Britt Norrman

Movie Summary

This is a summary for the movie, "Eva & Adam - fyra födelsedagar och ett fiasko" (Four Birthday's and a Fiasco".)

Can love last forever? Eva and Adam have been "going together" for
three years now. They are 13, but the 14 birthday is just around the
corner. At that age, three years seems like an eternity, and in many
ways they are no different from other couples who have been together
for a long time. Their schoo friends call them "Mr and Mrs
Kieslowski". Eva notices that she doesn't get butterflies in her
tummy any more when she kisses Adam. Is it the end of their love? Eva
decides to finish with Adam. He is devastated, but doesn't show it,
and Eva is quite glad at first. But when she finds out that Adam
is "going" with the step-sister of her best friend, she realises she
has made the biggest mistake of her life. Is it too late to get Adam
back again? The great fiasco happens at a music show featuring both
Eva and her rival Petra – with Adam in the audience.Eva and Adam were
originally successful comic-strip figures. Books followed, as did a
television series that proved highly popular in Sweden. It was
accoladed as the best Scandinavian television series at the Nordic
Children's and Youth TV Festival. The reference to Four Weddings and
a Funeral is no coincidence – the plot develops in the course of four
utterly chaotic birthday parties and culminates in a fiasco with
catastrophic results.

TV Series Summary

Eva & Adam

It’s Adam’s first day in his new class, and already he’s got trouble. But Eva, one of the girls, comes to his defence.
By the time the day is over, he appears to have made a pal, Alexander, the guy who knows "everything" about girls and with whom Eva’s best friend Annika is unhappily in love.

This is the story of those first hesitant efforts at contact; the first kiss, the first quarrel, the first jealousy. It’s about friendship, sibling squabbles, parents and life in an ordinary school class. Laughter, deja-vu, and tears are mixed in a funny and tender tale of that very first love.

The first season of Eva and Adam was a major success with the Swedish audiences and it recently spawned a highly successful feature film.

This is just a fansite. We have no connection to the show, movie, cast, crew or anyone else relating to "Eva & Adam". None of us are Rosie Munter of Play and the movie.