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Eva & Adam, or Ellen Fjaestad and Carl-Robert Holmer-Kårell, visited Skandia on Tuesday to present the film "The Neverending Story".
The junior group's Stevanni Karlsson and Tite Lindroth took the chance to ask the pair questions.

Tite: - How old are you now? Which school do you go to?
Ellen: -
I am 17 years old. I go to Kungsholmens music class.
Carl-Robert: - 17 years old, a year younger than Ellen. It is very "viktigt" (can't think of a good english translation)! I go to Östra real, sam-ekonomisk.
Stevanni: - How old were you when you played Eva & Adam?
Ellen: - When the first series played we were 11, second 12 and when the film played we were 14 years old.
Tite: - How did you get in Eva & Adam?
Ellen: - There was a screen test in school but I didn't want to go audition. They picked me up when I was on my way to my piano lesson and asked if I wanted to. So the day after I screentested and three days before the production began I found out I got the role.
Carl-Robert: - I screentested for Pip-Larsson but didn't get the role. But however they called me when it was time for the next series. And so I got the role as Adam!
Tite: - Who was funniest with to be with in the series?
Ellen: - "Gemenskapen" (? don't know what that is), all the friends you made, both adult and young!
Stevanni: - Do you still have contact with others from the series?
Carl-Robert: - Yes, with Ellen and Pablo.
Ellen: - Apart from Carl-Robert I have contact with Annika and Petra.
Stevanni: -
Were you ever in love during production?
Ellen: - No, only really good friends.
Carl-Robert: -
But from the beginning we didn't even think about each other. I did not want to have a girl like Eva.
Stevanni: -
Was it nerve-racking the first time you saw yourselves on TV?
Ellen: -
No, not so. I thought it was cool.
Carl-Robert: - I also thought that, I mean it is really not so cool to be on TV!
Tite: -
Apart from The Neverending Story, what are your favorite films?
Carl-Robert: Lilo & Stitch, I laughed through the whole film!
Ellen: - I liked Amelie from Montmartre a lot.
Stevanni and Tite: - Thanks so much and good luck with forthcoming projects!
Ellen and Carl-Robert: - Thank you!

Put together by: Karin Lagerholm


Thank You sooo much to Kyle (from the playful-play boards) for the translation!!


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