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Eva & Adam Central

About Our Site


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People have asked us why we decided to put together a website for a Swedish TV series that we knew hardly anything about or haven't completely seen.
Well, this is why (and some information on EAC):

Rosanna Williams was and is a huge fan of the former Swedish Pop group, Play. Rosie Munter (of Play) ("Petra") was in the film and so Rosanna went on the internet to research the film. She found out some information on the film and TV series and other related things; mostly in Swedish and German. She'd also seen a few video clips (with Rosie in them). She'd gathered a lot of information and photos and decided that she ought to put all of this information onto a website. So she did. Her first website was on MSN Groups in 2003-2004. She named the site, Eva & Adam Central (aka, EAC) and it's still the name today!
Putting together a website was not an easy task, so she recruited her best friend and fellow, Play fan, Rosie Munter (not from Play) to help her out. She knew Rosie was a huge fan of Rosie (from Play), mostly because they shared the same first name and last name and she knew that Rosie was interested in learning more about "Eva & Adam". They continued running the site on MSN along with their newest co-webby, Sara Hiscoe, their online friend. Soon their site started to grow and it became much too big for MSN, so they decided to finally give in and transfer all of their infomation, photos and site things to Tripod. In 2005 they re-launched Eva & Adam on Tripod.
Eva & Adam Central has over 1000 visitors so far and more everyday! Their photo gallery (hosted on Yahoo!) is the largest Eva & Adam gallery and has over 600+ photos, incuding photos of Rebecka Liljeberg ("Frida" on "Eva & Adam",  well known as "Agnes", "Show Me Love/F*cking Amal"), Rosie Munter (from Play and her modeling photos), Ellen in "Hip Hip Hora! as well as rare, exclusive and many other never before seen photos. EAC is the first all English "Eva & Adam" website.
In mid to late 2005 Rosanna, Rosie and Sara added another member to the EAC Staff, Lauren Dawes. All of the EAC Staff is Canadian and Rosie even has some Swedish in her family background.
In May of 2006 a Media gallery with video clips and fan-made montages was added. There are also cast bios, birthday's, interviews, fan art, fun facts and more! There's also a message board to chat with other fans of the series.
EAC is growing everyday and more additions to the site are to come. So keep checking back for additions and updates.
In June of 2006, Rosanna Patrice Williams passed away. EAC will still continue and we will all remember Rosanna for her dedication and devotion to Eva & Adam and this site. May she Rest In Peace.
In late 2006, Rebecka Love and Kyle, (now RA Love),  joined the EAC and is now a part of the EAC Network of Sites. In March of 2007, Yvette joined  the EAC as our Promoter and Web Searcher.

This is just a fansite. We have no connection to the show, movie, cast, crew or anyone else relating to "Eva & Adam". None of us are Rosie Munter of Play and the movie.