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Eva & Adam Central

Interview: "I hope they think of me as Ellen"


Ellen Fjaestad, who played Eva in "Eva & Adam", is now the editor of the new enjoyment magazine 'Superstar'.

- I have always been interested in journalism. I had practice at the pop-magazine OKEJ right after High School. Last spring I applied for JMK (Institution of Journalism, Intermedia and Communication).

What are you going to do?
- I do interviews and have my own two pages.

Have people quit associate you with Eva in the series?
- I hope they think of me as Ellen and the fact that I now work as an editor.

Lastly, what is you biggest wish for the moment?
- That this summer will last for two more months and that the magazine will go very well.


Name: Ellen Fjaestad. Age: 20 years. Resides: In Vasastan (in Stockholm) with her family. Family: Mum, dad, two siblings and boyfriend. Occupation: Editor and actress. Salary: 17 000 SEK/month (circa 1 700 $)


Thanks  to Anna for translating this for us! 


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