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Eva & Adam Central

Ellen Fjæstad


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I don't have a lot of information on Ellen, so if you have any info or recent pics, please send them to us at


Birthname: Ellen Elise Fjæstad

Also Credited As: Ellen Fjaestad

Birthdate: February 11th, 1986

Age: 21

Character in Eva and Adam (& Four Birthday's and a Fiasco): Eva Strömdahl

Hair Colour: Blond

Nickname: Ell

Height: 5' 5" (1.65 m)


Brother: Svante, 29 (as of 2007)

Sister: Maja, 31 (as of 2007)


Other Info


Name: Ellen Fjæstad

Occupation: Editor

Interests: Movies, music, writing, singing, theater and fashion

Best travel place: Asia

Star I want to meet: Madonna

Drinks readily: Red wine (with Brie)

Last buy-in: A bottle of tabasco at 7-eleven

Useful thingy: Internet

Best party music: Michael Jackson. Always.

A good give-away-gift: A flowerpot with a germ (my friend's idea)

Favorite website:

Favorite lunch place: Restaurants with Thai buffets

The most expensive I've bought: A computer with accessories

Best party food: Grilled hot dog with bread and WITHOUT ketchup

Latest crooning song: Sexy Back with Justin Timberlake

A good movie: Amelie of Montmartre

Worst color on clothes: Beige, whew!

Funniest party: The Europe Premiere of Pirates II in London

Ringtone: Heartbeats with The Knife (everyone jumps high everytime my phone rings)

Latest discover: Tabasco is HOT!

Can't live without: My boyfriend

 Resides: In Vasastan (in Stockholm) with her family. Family: Mum, dad, two siblings and boyfriend. Occupation: Editor and actress. Salary: 17 000 SEK/month (circa 1 700 $)
Has a boyfriend, Daniel Gallo.
Has sung (sang) 3 songs on the soundtrack to Eva & Adam: Four Birthday's and a Fiasco.
Her favourite food is Sushi.
She wants to either be a journalist or an actress. 

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