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Rosanna Munter


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Rosanna Munter as Petra

Credit to Lisa @ for the latest Rosie Info. Thanks!!! Also, credit to Mila from the Playful-Play Boards for the picture of Rosie (the picture on the right).


We decided to put a page about Rosie here, even though she was only in the movie, because she's really talented, pretty and she's in our all-time favourite music group. :)


Character in Eva & Adam: Four Birthdays and a Fiasco: Petra

Birthname: Rosanna Bella Victoria Eriksdotter Munter

Nickname: Rosie, "The Crazy or Funny One"

Birthday: September 26 1987

Hair color: blonde

Eyes: blue / grey

Favorite Color: turquoise

Pets: no but once I had a cat called sushi but she ran away

Siblings: 2 brothers

Favorite movie: Big Fish

Best book ever: The Alchemist by Paulo Cohelo of course!!!

Favorite Artist: Gwen Stefani

Favorite food: thaifood

Favorite ice cream: ben and jerry cookie dough

Favorite word or phrase: "we'll fix it!"

What time does your alarm clock go off: as late as possible

Favorite subject in school: psychology

What do you do when you're bored?: use my best friend, my iPod.

Favorite clothes: my religion jeans

What's your biggest fear?: to be completly alone.

If you could be any animal, what kind of animal would you be?: a bird

Favorite animal: monkeys

Celebrity Crush: pharell williams

Favorite Song: Tiny dancer by Elton John and sugarman by Davis holmes

Favorite TV Show: The O.C

Favorite Sport: Basketball

Favorite Clothing Accessory: necklaces

Favorite Make-up Accessory/color: 60's eyes

Hobbies: play the piano

Favorite Cause/Important Issue: Trafficking

Biggest Influence in Life: My mum

Fun Facts:

 Rosie loves hats and has a lot of them. She even has a hat with "Rosie" airbrushed on it! (shown here)

She also had her hair entirely braided. (shown below)

This is just a fansite. We have no connection to the show, movie, cast, crew or anyone else relating to "Eva & Adam". None of us are Rosie Munter of Play and the movie.